Thursday, 2 June 2011


When a child borns, his very first institute of learning is in his mother’s arms. A mother is the teacher of newly born infant who teaches him how to survive. When the child become few months old, she teaches him how to crawl, how to respond on his name calling, how to drink how to eat. A lot of basic things she helped her child to learn about patterns of living. When the child reaches to an age of 3 years she share this teaching responsibilty with a person who is known as a teacher  in our society. Every mother gives  responsibilty of her child in hands of the teacher as she believes that the basic training of her child would be done honestly by the teacher.
When ever I recall my childhood I found many teachers whom I admire and who are still as role models for me. There was a teacher Mrs. Arjumand who used to teach us urdu in 10th standard. She was a vry loving lady, but some of my class fellows were under the impression that she is over strict. I always found love behind her harsh words. She never showed her anger on unnecessary things but on things like proper dressing, way of walking, way of talking, how to greet others, not to talk silly. She always tried us to act mature, not to behave childish as she again and again mentioned to us that we are girls and we will be the future mothers so we have to be very humble, very smart in all ways, and very mature to run a whole family.
Another teacher who is my favourite till now is Mrs. Iftikhar. She was our science teacher. Very polite and loving lady I must say. She was the favourite of my whole class. Every girl wanted to become close to her but she treated all of us with same love and care. She never did favouritism between us. In short, not only these two teachers I have memories of a lot of teachers who some how directly or in directly influence my personality and helped me to learn the ways of life and teach me how to walk on difficult roads of life.
This is all my past, now when I think about the teachers in the present, I feel really upset. They are not teachers, they are business men trying to get more and more profit and name in market. They donot care about non formal education. Infact they are not honestly giving the formal education they supposed to give. All they want is to get more and more profit in less time. This is happening in all stages, at school level, coaching centres, colleges and universities. Teachers are not honestly performing their duties.
I must say that teaching is very respectful profession and it should be carried with dignity, honesty and care. But now a days teachers are earning from their profession and giving nothing to it. They don’t care whether their students are satisfied with them or not. Its my personel experience that I found a few teachers who want favours from us and did not even think of the respect and responsibilty they are holding. A very pathetic situation for all us. Only need is of the youngsters to come up and bring revolution. As only hopes are tied with the youth.


  1. Being a teacher i feel proud to be associated with this profession, but now the situation is pathetic as you described. You are right it will need youth to take responsibility as mentors, but who will let them do?

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