Monday, 28 March 2011


Since the Cricket world Cup 2011 has started, there are a lot of news circulating about DADA HATHI who is predicting about the winning team and its predictions are coming true. I have seen coverage about this on a local news channel in which DADA HATH was shown predicting about the match between Pakistan and Canada. I was very showked that being the media of a Muslim state, they are propagating myths like this. It is not the culture of Muslims to get information about the future happenings, infact it is strictly prohibited in Islam to have knowledge of the future.
We being Muslims believe on ALLAH and HIS PROPHET MOHAMMAD (S.A.W). We are not allowed to believe on such things.
(Quran Surah Al-An'am 6:59)
“With Him are the keys of the unseen, the treasures that none knoweth but He..........”

(Quran Surah Al-An'am 6:73).
“He knoweth the unseen as well as that which is open. For He is the Wise, well acquainted (with all things)”

What is going to be happen in the future is not open in front of us. Only ALLAH has the knowledge about the future and this knowledge is kept hidden from us. Whe are strictkly not allowed to search about it. This will lead us to the paths of sin. It is not the spirit of Muslims to search about future. Non Muslims are interested in such things as they donot believe in ALMIGHTY ALLAH. If any one of us will go to search about the future, Islam has punishment for him.
Muslim Book 026, Hadith Number 5540
“Kahanat (Divination) is prohibited and it is forbidden to go to Kahin”.
People become very emotional when we talk about match between India and Pakistan, but a great Muslim is one who keep his emotions in control and do not lead to the wrong paths. To believe on DADA HATH or any other prediction whether made by any animal, any game, or any person is purely a wrong deed. What the point is, that our media which is the platform to guide us, is giving us wrong directions by promoting such things. Media must be very responsible while reporting on such issues, it should keep in mind that we are MUSLIMS and we are not allowed to act against the will of Islam and are not allowed to promote any thing against Islamic rules and laws.
We are MUSLIMS and we have the key to success, that is, we have the power of dua. We have the opportunity to ask success from ALLAH 5 times a day in namaz. Why don’t we left asking help from the living creatures on earth about future and start praying for our dear homeland. Nothing is more powerfull than the dua which is asked with full believe on ALLAH. I wish very best of luck to our players and my all prayers are with them.


  1. i agree with you but our society is following Indians and westerns in their culture,customs and is the basic reason of starting these type of bakwas. i really appreciate u for this but our society might be deviated from its original path of Islam. our media totally under the influence of non Muslims.

  2. thx for ur appreciation. i think to defeat some one physically is quite difficult than defeating him psychlogicaly. this is the way west and indians are trying to defeat us and media is becoming their weapon. they are playing with our minds and trying to divert us from our paths.

  3. Sarah

    You were very right as the later events proved that every one was just making guesses and trying to fool us. Every single prediction was wrong.

  4. well about DADA HATHI....... iam really totaly agrees with what you have said in your blog and honeslty speaking this insperation came from our neabouring country (india) they dnt have any belive in ALMIGHTY ALLAH so why should we follow them we are ALHAMDULILLAH MUSLIM we can only believe in ALMIGHTY ALLAH .... well m really impresed from this blog keep it up.....

  5. @ peerless
    thx for ur comment....

  6. @ sherry
    well thx alot for appreciating my blog.